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Traits of A Successful Property Manager

A great property manager is a problem solver.  Your property manager needs to be able to think quickly and be a resource for issues that arise.  

A good property manager is typically a great communicator and can navigate through tense conversations.  Your manager is dealing with a wide range of people and personalities. There’s a good chance she/he will see occasional problems and disputes.  Managers need to be able to deal with unhappy tenants in a calm, respectful, level headed way.

The best manager wants tenants to know they can rest assured she’ll take care of repairs and maintenance issues in a timely manner.  When it is appropriate, your property manager will walk tenants through small issues that may be resolved without a costly service call at the rental.  

Emergencies rarely happen during business hours.   Owners will feel confident someone local is navigating the repair process rather than dealing with a frantic midnight call from off island.   Owners and Tenants also have a reasonable expectation that Management will enforce general rules of tenancy and any policies contained in the lease.

One big advantage of using a property manager is emotional distance.    Often the owner will get involved with the tenant emotionally, and even though property managers take good care of tenants and they’re sympathetic, their job is to make sure that owners get the rent.

The best property managers are proactive, meaning they schedule maintenance regularly and are on top of vacancies. They seem to be one step ahead of the curve.  Good managers take initiative. Owning and managing a property requires serious intent and good business sense. Businesses, in general, are all about knowing what it takes to be competitive, keeping realistic goals in mind and, ultimately, keeping an eye on the bottom line so you can turn a profit.

Karen J. Key Speck
Property Manager / Owner / Designated Broker